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Membership Guidelines

In order for our volunteer leaders to most effectively run CHEER, we ask that all members abide by our Membership Guidelines. Your annual Membership Fees are used to pay for our events (each event has a budget), conferences, meetings, copying expenses, refreshments, etc. The numerous field trips we offer need to be paid for separately, as well as occasional extra fees for a few events. By filling out your CHEER Membership Application, you are agreeing to the following Membership Guidelines:

  • Membership Fees are due when you fill out the CHEER Enrollment Form.   
  • Members agree to serve by either coordinating one event or serving on a minimum of 2 event committees per year, and they also agree to come to each event with a servant’s heart – helping out where needed.
  • Members agree to attend two mandatory Kick-Off Meetings per year, 1 in August and 1 in January.
  • It is important for all prospective members to attend the Newcomer’s Meeting as an orientation to CHEER, and they must also attend the Kick-Off Meeting. The Newcomer’s Meeting is typically the same days as the Kick-Off Meeting.
  • Members must have computer access, as our primary means of communication is the website.
  • Members must agree with our Statement of Faith, Nashville Statement, Physical Privacy and Sexuality Policy and Well Child Policy – we are a Christian Homeschooling organization.
  • Members agree to abide by our Guidelines for Conduct at all CHEER field trips, events and activities.


The Board

The board consists of 5 voting members with different responsibilities. Each member has a commitment of 3 years; terms will be on a rotating basis so that no more than 2 members will rotate off at one time. At the time a position opens up, it will be advertised on the Official Business Forum. All candidates will be interviewed by the board. All applicants must be a member in good standing for at least one year prior to application for a board position.

FACILITIES DIRECTOR: The liaison with Perimeter Church with regard to facilities and set up for CHEER sponsored events.

EVENTS DIRECTOR: The person responsible to find and communicate with the coordinators of all CHEER sponsored events.

TREASURER: The person responsible for managing the funds generated by the annual membership fees and serving as liaison with Perimeter Church regarding accounts and balanced budged activities.

SECRETARY: The person responsible for any meetings, minutes and formal communication from the board.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR: The person responsible for application and enrollment of members and assigns volunteer commitments.

The board meets once a month (on Enrichment Day).

Any questions, concerns or suggestions will be addressed at the next month’s board meeting, and any response regarding these questions, concerns or suggestions will be communicated the following week.


The Official Business Forum is the official channel of communication between the board and event coordinators with the members. Once enrolled and payment is submitted, members will be able to subscribe to all strands within the Forum. It is required that all CHEER members belong to the Official Business Forum.

The other strands are optional. They are for the posting anything that might be related to your
 homeschooling journey but that is not official from CHEER. In these strands you can post anything
 that interests you, or that you want to share. This venue of communication is only for members, but
 the information is not necessarily CHEER endorsed. Below are the specific guidelines:

  1. Please remember that these are unmoderated strands. We trust that our members will use their best judgment on posting information on the loop. However, please know that we can not responsible for the truth and veracity of those posts.
  2. CHEER will no longer allow any fundraising to be posted on the strands. If you wish to have fundraising done, you may post the organization that you are associated with or the email group you create and send no more than two emails with an invitation to join. We would strongly encourage all members to make sure it is a reputable organization or cause they may be choosing to donate to, but this is ultimately up to each individual to verify.
  3. Any subgroups formed as a result of CHEER membership are done so with no connection to CHEER. CHEER is not able to endorse any subgroup.
  4. When there are discussions that become more like a disagreement, we would respectfully ask that you move those to a private forum.  We are here to encourage one another, and while we may not always agree, this discussion group does not need to be the place for anything but support and encouragement. Anything other than that is a distraction to our homeschool endeavors.

If these rules are violated, the CHEER member will be contacted about removal from the Forum. Please know that if you have any questions, you can always contact any one of us. Also a quick reminder that the “Official News” strand is for official CHEER business only.


New Members: Families interested in joining CHEER are required to visit the website and read our Mission and Statement of Faith. After prayerful consideration proceed to the application process.

The New Member Application will be posted when enrollment opens. The Application Form for New Members will be posted only during registration time.

Enrollment Benefits: As a member of CHEER you become part of a community of Christian families that will support you in your journey of homeschooling. CHEER organizes activities such as Science Fair, Fall Dance, Father-Son Adventure, Mother-Daughter Tea, and many more. Many of these activities do not require any fee to participate, you just need to be a member.

CHEER also organizes field trips that you are invited to attend. Field trip sign-ups are held twice a year through the CHEER website.

CHEER offers a network of families from which smaller interests may be formed. Small groups must abide by the guidelines of conduct and beliefs of CHEER. CHEER is a private group and as such, reserves the right to revoke membership if the board and/or elder leadership deem it necessary.

Member Responsibilities: New Members are required to attend the New Members Mandatory Meeting (NMMM). The purpose of this meeting is to meet the new members in a small setting and have the opportunity to give basic information about our group and details that are not included in the General Mandatory Meeting. Also, in this session new members have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Board Members. We encourage husbands to join us for this meeting. If you are a new member and for some reason you could not attend the NMMM you will need to contact the board  and set a date to meet at their convenience.

Also, as a member you are required, but not limited to, either coordinate one event or volunteer for two event committees per year which you will be assingned by the board based on need.

CHEER is an organization composed of homeschool mothers and fathers that donate their time and talents to the benefit of the entire group. For CHEER to be able to offer a variety of events
 and trips for all our members, it is vital that we have volunteers willing and excited to do the work. If you have an idea of an event that we do not have listed and you would like to coordinate it, please feel free to bring it to the board for consideration.

Coordinators: In April, an email will be sent from the Events Director listing all open positions for the next year. Any events without a coordinator will be dropped from the schedule.

If you have any conflict with the date of your assignment. Please:

  1. Find another person that would be willing to switch with you.
  2. Inform of the changes to: Your original coordinator  & Your new coordinator

If you know the event you are assigned to is coming up and your coordinator has not contacted you yet, contact her and let her know that you are waiting for instructions. The Board is not going to get involved. It will be your responsibility to follow the steps above. Thank you for your understanding.

Fees Enrollment Fee: Each year the Board will study the finances of the group and will make a decision regarding the fee.


Reimbursements: In order to receive reimbursement, the member/coordinator must:

  1. Complete all required forms, located on the CHEER website.
  2. Submit all supporting receipts and documents to the CHEER Treasurer
  3. Turn in all non-consumable items to the Storage Unit

The Mandatory Meetings

CHEER members gather together as a body twice a year during the Kick-Off Meetings (KOM). These are the only two times we have to enjoy fellowship with all our friends and this is also the time when we welcome new members that have joined our group.

In order for your attendance to be accurately recorded, a sign-in sheet will be available at the door. As its name states, these meetings are MANDATORY for all members to attend. A member’s future enrollment is dependent on attendance at mandatory meetings.

Also, there will be opportunity to sign up for events and activities that are organized by CHEER. These events are listed in a calendar on the website. These events are organized by volunteer coordinators. If an event does not have a coordinator 60 days before the designated date, the event will be cancelled.

Procedures to Sign Up

Field Trips and Events: Sign ups and payments will be online before the Kick-Off Meetings

Events: At the KOM, each event organized by CHEER will have a table to introduce their event. Sign-ups and payments will be online.

 Facilities:There is a set number of events that may be held at Perimeter Church. The scheduling of these events is done by the Facilities Board Member. No additional space is available at Perimeter Church. Additional events may be held at other locations. For more information on facilities, please contact the CHEER Board Facilities Director.