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Membership Guidelines

In order for our volunteer leaders to most effectively run CHEER, we ask that all members abide by our Membership Guidelines. Your annual Membership Fees are used to pay for our events (each event has a budget), conferences, meetings, copying expenses, refreshments, etc. The numerous field trips we offer need to be paid for separately, as well as occasional extra fees for a few events. By filling out your CHEER Membership Application, you are agreeing to the following Membership Guidelines:

  • Membership Fee is $75 per year and is due when you fill out the CHEER Enrollment Form.
  • Members agree to serve by either coordinating one event or serving on a minimum of 2 event committees per year, which you select on the Enrollment Form, and they also agree to come to each event with a servant’s heart – helping out where needed.
  • Members agree to attend two mandatory Kick-Off Meetings per year, 1 in August and 1 in January.
  • It is important for all prospective members to attend the Newcomer’s Meeting as an orientation to CHEER, and they must also attend the Kick-Off Meeting. The Newcomer’s Meeting is typically the week before the Kick-Off Meeting.
  • Members must have computer access, as our primary means of communication is the website.
  • Members must agree with our Statement of Faith, Nashville Statement, Physical Privacy and Sexuality Policy and Well Child Policy – we are a Christian Homeschooling organization..
  • Members agree to abide by our Guidelines for Conduct at all CHEER field trips, events and activities.
  • Member families are encouraged to participate in one Service Project throughout the year.